Holiday Lighting

What is Trimlight? Trimlight is an innovative, permanent LED lighting system that allows users to celebrate any sporting event, holiday, or special occasion all year round. With a GUARANTEED LIFETIME PRODUCT WARRANTY, customers will never have a need to hang lights ever again. Our patented lighting systems are barely visible during the day, but provide over 16 million vibrant color options controlled by a user-friendly app that customers can access from anywhere in the world!


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Holiday Lighting

The original solution to traditional holiday lighting takes the worry and hassle out of hanging and removing holiday lights! Trimlight’s unique design requires a one-time, professional installation, so you never have to get on your roof to hang lights ever again. Holiday lighting patterns are fully customizable with our easy-to-use Trimlight Edge app, giving users access to 16 million color choices, preset holiday patterns, and hundreds of animations. Trimlight Edge also offers the ability to schedule holiday lighting in advance for a full 365-day calendar, so homeowners can set it and forget it!

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